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Self-Storage Washington, DC

Washington DC, formerly the District of Columbia, is probably one of the cities whose name always remains in the minds of Americans. The simple reason being, Washington is the capital city of the United States of America and the place where the President of the Nation resides. 

Every American feels proud of the city and its rich history. The White House, Smithsonian Institution Building, Lincoln Memorial, United States Capitol on Capitol Hill and many other landmarks always attract tourists to Washington from around the world. It is estimated that around 20 million people visit Washington city in a year. 

Apart from attracting tourists from around the world, Washington DC is the 20th most populous city in the country. It is home to around 6 million residents. A huge population like this, no doubt brings in storage space challenges for the people in Washington. 

Here is where Livelyt Washington comes into the picture. We help people find self-storage DC spaces quickly and at affordable rates. With Livelyt services by your side, you do not have to worry about storing your belongings safely in Washington DC. 

Livelyt is your Self-Storage Solution in Washington, DC

We all need storage units today or tomorrow. Washington DC has tremendous demand for storage facilities. Livelyt Washington brings the spaces available for storage from neighborhoods in the District of Columbia on a single platform. You can browse through our website or app and find out the various options in storage units and unit sizes in and near Washington DC. 

It is very easy to use Livelyt Washington. When you log on to Livelyt via computer or phone, you can begin to search for storage unit facilities by typing the location or by entering the zip code. You will then see a map that displays all the storage units available in the particular location. 

You can have a look at each one of them. You will find all the information regarding the storage unit facilities near Washington. For example, you will know the exact size, exact pin location, and any other required information that applies to the self-storage facility in Washington. 

You will find storage units like sheds, rooms, parking spaces, basements, or climate-controlled storage in Washington DC. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose storage at your desired location. Also, these spaces are very affordable and nearly 50% lower than the conventional public storage units in Washington.

So, once you like any of the storage options, you can book a reservation. This process allows you to connect with the owner via Livelyt. You can discuss with the owner and then if everything feels right for you, you can immediately move your boxes or items to the storage location. 

Livelyt Washington comes in handy for you when you need extra space to keep your stuff. We verify each location to make it safe for your belongings. 

Self-Storage Costs in Washington, DC

In Washington DC, you can find two kinds of storage systems. One is the traditional or the conventional public storage company. This is a warehouse or a large building having provisions for public storage. These were commonly used in earlier times. 

The second type is peer-to-peer storage which is offered by Livelyt. In this, you will connect with space owners in your preferred locality or area. You can utilize their spaces to safely store your belongings.

In Washington DC, you can find storage units in different sizes. The most common unit sizes are 5x5, 5x10, 15x10, 10x10, and above 10x20. Let us say, you need a 10x10 storage unit. The average price in a traditional self-storage unit can be $130 per month. With Livelyt, the average price for the same size will be $60 per month. You can book a reservation for a parking space for your vehicle storage at the rate of only $60 a month. With Livelyt Washington, you can choose storage ranging from bedroom storage, basement storage, backyard space, parking space for a vehicle, a walk-in-closet, a hall closet, boat storage, etc. Choose the aptest storage according to your storage needs. Simply log on to the website, make a reservation and select the most convenient storage on the location map. Fill in your details and you are ready to move your things into your selected space. Access to your storage unit can be arranged by personally communicating with the hosts although the hosts do mention the frequency of access to the storage unit in their listing.

Livelyt connects homeowners, business owners, and store owners with extra, secure space to individuals with storage needs. Who knows, you could find storage at your next-door neighbors! You might not even have to call for a truck to move your things. You no longer need to deal with a storage facility manager.

Livelyt is best for Self-Storage in Washington, DC

Livelyt is your easiest way to find suitable storage in Washington DC. Also, we guarantee you the best of our services through-


The safety of your belongings is of utmost importance to us. We know this is your high priority as well. Each of our spaces is carefully verified and thoroughly checked to ensure the safety of your belongings. The gate access to the storage unit will be only available to you once you have stored your belongings at our locations.  

Affordable Pricing

We aim to provide storage facilities that fit your budget. Livelyt spaces are pocket-friendly prices. We provide the best prices that are way cheaper than the conventional storage units. We also offer discounts for long-term storage. 

Insurance Coverage

We have got you covered. We always want to protect your belongings under any circumstances. When you store your belongings at any Livelyt spaces, your belongings will have insurance coverage of $25000.

Online Booking

We want to reduce the time for finding storage units. With the ease of Livelyt’s online booking, you can search for suitable storage nearby. You can make a quick reservation and contact the owner.  

Free Cancellation

You may sometimes have to change your mind about not storing your belongings elsewhere or under unavoidable circumstances, you may have to cancel your reservation. We understand and are prepared for such unforeseen situations. Livelyt refunds your entire fee even for the cancellations made at the last moment.

24x7 Customer Service

We are always ready to help you. Our 24x7 customer service is available to you whenever you have any questions for us. In case you have difficulties in moving your items, we are happy to offer you suggestions. We are open to receive your comments and suggestions on our services as well from our customers. You can contact us via call or email at any point in time.

Where can you find Livelyt self-storage units near you in Washington DC?

Livelyt has a number of storage units near you in Washington DC. You can find several self-storage units in various neighborhoods of Washington DC. They are also available widely in such a way that you can find them easily near a landmark near you.

Self-storage units in Capitol Hill, Washington DC

Capitol Hill is the largest residential neighborhood in Washington DC. It is also one of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington DC that is known to be densely populated. It is estimated that around 35,000 people live in just about 2 square miles.

If you are a resident here and in need of self-storage or vehicle storage, Livelyt has plenty of options to choose from. Livelyt storage units are verified for safety and they are the cheapest storage units that you could find in Washington DC.

You can find a basement storage space near Pennsylvania Avenue near the intersection of C Street SE and 4th Street SE. You can expect a monthly rental of $160 to store your belongings here. Another storage space can be found very close to the Seward Square SE near the 5th Street SE. The monthly rental of this storage unit is also $160.

Self-storage units in Georgetown, Washington DC

Georgetown is another historic neighborhood in the city of Washington DC. It is situated alongside the Potomac River. Georgetown is also known for the presence of Georgetown University.

When the city has a river and a university campus, the need for boat storage and self-storage for students may become a necessity. Livelyt is working hard to add self-storage locations in and around the Georgetown University campus. This helps the students to find self-storage facilities easily when they are heading towards their native.

Livelyt is also bringing several vehicles and boat storage facilities to Georgetown. You may soon find Livelyt storage units very close to the popular landmarks of Georgetown. Livelyt may soon have signed up hosts near Holy Trinity Catholic Church which is a short distance from the university campus.

Self-storage units in Foggy Bottom, Washington DC

Foggy Bottom is yet another oldest neighborhood in Washington DC. Foggy Bottom also shares River Potomac on its Western side. It also has the presence of George Washington University. If you are a student here or a boat owner, who is looking for safe and convenient self-storage locations, Livelyt helps you find the best one.

Livelyt is talking to many hosts in the Foggy Bottom region to bring more self-storage locations. When there is Livelyt in your neighborhood, you will find a multitude of storage options near you.

You will soon find a storage unit near Columbia Plaza Apartments. You will also find Livelyt locations in and around Potomac Park Apartments and Monroe House Condominiums.

Self-storage units in Adams Morgan, Washington DC

Adams Morgan is a neighborhood that comprises both residential and entertainment areas. The entertainment things include vibrant nightlife with bars and upscale restaurants. If you own a home here or run a business and are looking for self-storage facilities, Livelyt is soon bringing many storage units to you.

Livelyt is adding several self-storage units that are needed for storing your belongings or vehicles. You will soon find Livelyt storage units close to well-known buildings in Adams Morgan. Livelyt is signing up storage hosts near Connecticut Garden Apartments, Marie H Reed Recreation Center, Florida Avenue NW, and many others places.

Self-storage units in Logan Circle, Washington DC

Logan Circle is the neighborhood that is present in the Northwestern quarter of Washington DC. It is an area that primarily comprises residential complexes. If you own a home here or live in a rented place, you may be in need of additional space to store your belongings or park your vehicle.

In such a case, you do not need to search a lot to find a suitable storage facility for yourself. Livelyt is a platform where you can find the most convenient storage units near you in Logan Circle. You may find a basement, mini storage space, parking spaces, or bedrooms that will suit your requirements. Livelyt is soon adding storage units in and around Vermont Avenue NW and New York Avenue NW.

Self-storage units in Downtown, Washington DC

Downtown in Washington DC is known as the central business district in the Northwest region. It has several upscale hotels, business centers, and residential apartments as well. If you own a business or own a house and need self-storage units, you may not look beyond Livelyt. Livelyt is where you can easily find safe and convenient storage units near your preferred location.

Livelyt is coming up with self-storage units of different sizes where you can store your items. Livelyt also brings several vehicle storage units near you. If you have parking space constraints, then you will soon find solutions with Livelyt. You can soon expect self-storage units near Massachusetts Avenue NW and Connecticut Avenue NW.

Self-storage units in Shaw, Washington DC

Shaw is a residential neighborhood in the Northwest region. If you are having space constraints at home and need extra space to store your stuff, choosing Livelyt can be really helpful for you. Livelyt self-storage units are really safe and reliable. You can store your homely stuff like furniture, electronics, or home decor items without any worry.

Livelyt is soon adding new locations in Shaw that can be available near you. You may soon find a self-storage unit near Shaw-Howard U Metro station, Cardozo playground, Samuel Gompers Memorial park.

What are the other storage units near you in Washington DC?

When you search for self-storage units in Washington DC, you may come across conventional self-storage companies. Below are a few conventional storage companies that are located in Washington DC-

Secure Self-Storage

The Secure Self-Storage company is located on the Blair Rd (North Capitol Rd) in Northwest DC near the Fort Totten Metro Station (Red & Green Line). They have multi-level storage facilities with climate-controlled storage units provided on the second floor. They provide keypad access to all the storage unit doors, video surveillance, and alarm system for the security of your belongings.

CubeSmart Self-Storage

The CubeSmart Self-Storage company offers customized storage units based on your requirements. When you want to store your items in their storage facilities, they provide packing and moving services as well. They can be found in 6 locations in Washington DC - 1701 Florida Ave Nw, 175 R St NE, 1200 Upshur St Nw, 645 Taylor St NE, 1850 New York Ave Ne, and 1401 22nd St SE.

Why choose Livelyt for self-storage in Washington DC?

Livelyt solves all your problems regarding self-storage in DC. If you wanted a self-storage space that was close to your home or office, or you wanted affordable options, or if safety is all that you wanted, Livelyt provides you self-storage locations that fit into every aspect.

Livelyt is your friend when it comes to self-storage in DC. All our self-storage locations are verified by our team. None of our locations are presented to you on our platform without the verification process. With this, you can always think that Livelyt locations are very safe to store your belongings.

Whenever there is a need for self-storage, you can now be assured that you can rely on Livelyt and look for self-storage locations that suit your needs. We are always there to help you find the right one!

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