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Self-storage near you in Los Angeles, California

Are you interested in self-storage? Wondering how to get the best self-storage in LA? Do you need a self-storage facility in LA that is safe, affordable, and convenient? If yes, then Livelyt is the perfect place for you. In 2020, the population of Los Angeles is around 13 million! That is a lot of people in the city. More number of people means a challenge in terms of space. It may so happen that one may not find enough space to store their belongings with them. There can be space constraints at home or at workplaces too. 

Here is where Livelyt comes into the picture. We help people find self-storage spaces quickly and at affordable prices. With Livelyt by your side, you do not have to worry about storing your belongings safely in Los Angeles. We ensure all your self-storage requirements at met and you have a good experience with us.

Why Livelyt is your self-storage solution in Los Angeles, California?

Livelyt brings to you the best self-storage benefits in Los Angeles. Your experience with Livelyt is always hassle-free!


Livelyt provides storage units that are verified before listing..All our locations are completely safe and trustworthy to store your belongings or park your vehicle.

Affordable Pricing

Livelyt self-storage units are reasonably priced. You will see that Livelyt storage units are 50 - 70% cheaper than the conventional storage units in Los Angeles.

Insurance Coverage

We have got you covered. When you store your belongings at any Livelyt spaces, your belongings will have insurance coverage of $25000

Easy Booking

Livelyt storage units near you can be booked in a jiffy. You can just log in to the Livelyt website or the mobile app. Select the self-storage units of your choice and the storage unit is just a tap away. . 

Free Cancellation

We understand and are prepared for unforeseen situations. Livelyt refunds your entire fee even for the cancellations done at the last moment.

24x7 Customer Service

We are always ready to help you. Our 24x7 customer service is available to you whenever you have any questions for us. You can reach out to us via call or email at any point in time.

Where can you find Livelyt self-storage units near you in Los Angeles, California?

Livelyt is signing up with hosts in different neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California. You can find plenty of self-storage options in every neighborhood. Livelyt storage units are mostly available at a short distance near your preferred location.

Self-storage units in Koreatown, Los Angeles, California

Koreatown in Los Angeles is one of the busiest neighborhoods. The nightclubs, bars, karaokes, Korean restaurants, and casual dining areas are a big part of this neighborhood. Along with great eateries, Koreatown is also a wonderful residential neighborhood.

If you are living here owning a restaurant or a home and are looking for self-storage options near you, Livelyt is where you can find what you need. We bring to you the safest and affordable storage spaces in Koreatown. Whether you want a place to store your restaurant stuff or a space to keep your home furniture, Livelyt has suitable storage units near you.

Livelyt is rapidly adding more storage spaces in Koreatown to meet your requirements. You will soon have self-storage locations near Seoul International Park, Liberty Park, Irolo Street, W 8th cross junction, and many other places in the locality.

Self-storage units in Westlake, Los Angeles, California

Westlake is a densely populated neighborhood in Los Angeles. It comprises both residential and commercial buildings. Westlake is a place where early mansions are converted into residential apartment complexes today.

Being one of the densely populated areas in LA, Westlake residents like you may be in need of self-storage. You may also be in need of additional parking spaces. Livelyt is adding self-storage units and vehicle storage facilities in Westlake. You can soon have plenty of Livelyt storage options near your home or office in Westlake.

We are getting in touch with many storage space owners near the famous MacArthur Park Lake. You may soon find Livelyt storage units in and around the lake area. You will also have more Livelyt storage spaces close to Glendale Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard, W Temple Street, and other locations in Westlake.

Self-storage units in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Hollywood is probably the swankiest neighborhood in Los Angeles and entire America. We know it is a place for the famous entertainment industry in the world. Apart from having the most popular landmarks like the Paramount studios and the walk of fame, Hollywood is a neighborhood that is filled with comedy clubs, restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs.

If you own a business like a restaurant or a shopping area and need extra storage space, Livelyt provides the safest and the most convenient self-storage units in Hollywood. When you choose Livelyt, you can easily find a self-storage facility near you in Hollywood. You will also find storage space or a vehicle storage facility that is way more affordable than the other storage companies in Los Angeles.

Livelyt is adding many self-storage facilities in Hollywood that are never going to be difficult for you to search for one. You will always find a walkable storage location or within a short drive from the familiar places or landmarks in Hollywood.

Self-storage units in Palms, Los Angeles, California

Palms is one of the oldest and densely populated neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Even though there are a few areas of commercial zoning, Palms is majorly a residential area in LA. Being in a densely populated residential area can bring in the need for self-storage. You may need extra space at home to store or organize your belongings. There can be situations like downsizing, decluttering, making space to have a home office, or making space for welcoming a baby, etc.

During such times, additional space can be really helpful. Livelyt is bringing affordable storage options in Palms to suit your needs. You will soon find Livelyt self-storage units near you in and around Motor Avenue, Palms Boulevard, and Overland Avenue.

Self-storage units in Westwood, Los Angeles, California

Westwood is a popular neighborhood that is home to the sprawling campus of the University of California, Los Angeles. It is also home to Westwood village is a historic walkable commercial district comprising shopping centers and student-friendly restaurants and cafes.

When you have a neighborhood filled with students of UCLA, there will be scope for self-storage facilities. If you are a student or a resident here, who is in need of storage facilities near you, Livelyt is the place to look for. Livelyt has several regular storage facilities alongside driveways and parking spaces.

You can find a spacious parking space large enough for a car near Woodruff Avenue. The cost of this parking space comes to $175 per month. You will find beds in shared bedrooms near the UCLA campus. The approximate cost of these facilities is $1000 per month.

What are the other storage units near you in Los Angeles, California?

Conventional self-storage units are the first options you may find when you google “self-storage near you” on Google. Here are some of the traditional or conventional self-storage companies present in Los Angeles, California.

Price Self-Storage West LA

Price Self Storage in West Los Angeles is located a half-mile off I-10 Santa Monica freeway. They claim to be West Los Angeles’ largest drive-in storage facility. Their facility serves the neighborhoods of Hyde Park, Beverly Hills, Westwood, and downtown Los Angeles. You can find storage facilities of different sizes from 5’x5’ to larger units like 12’x30’

BA Self-Storage

BA Self-storage is located at 620 N Heliotrope Los Angeles, CA 90004. Their storage units are clean and well maintained. Their security features include video surveillance and key code door access. Once you are in their facility, their well-trained staff helps you in selecting the right size facility.

Fort Self-Storage

The Fort Self-storage company has storage units of different sizes. They have CCTV cameras and electronic access gates for security purposes. They are located in 1651 S Central AveLos Angeles, CA 90021

Why choose Livelyt for self-storage in Los Angeles, California?

If you think you have a need for self-storage, come and visit the homepage of Livelyt. You will find answers to everything that you need to know about self-storage. You will find all the information that is required to choose a suitable self-storage unit according to your needs.

If you ever thought searching for self-storage locations in Los Angeles can be daunting, Livelyt proves you otherwise. Livelyt helps you find an appropriate space within your budget and timeline. Now, you do not need to sell your stuff. Instead, you can store them at a place that is verified by Livelyt and available conveniently for you.

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