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Self-Storage in Boston, Ma

Think of Boston, Ma, and soon you would want to get there. Boston, Ma, has earned many accolades for itself. It is known to be one of the best student cities, the healthiest cities to live in, and innovation-driven cities in the USA. 

No wonder, it has many students who come here for their studies. The very elite educational institutions like MIT and Harvard attract students to pursue their dreams. Boston, Ma, also has a lot of open spaces, parks, and greenery offering an ideal place for brainy people to catch up for an intellectual discussion. 

When Boston, Ma, can provide so many facilities, it will surely be a favorite city for people in America. Not just the Americans, but also to those who come from outside to fulfill their ambitions. This automatically makes Boston, Ma, bustling with people around. 

It is great when a city has more people. However, it may bring difficulties in space management. The residents may face challenges in storage spaces. Since the population involves many students, it becomes tough to manage the belongings in a room or the available spaces. 

Whether you are a student or a working professional or a homemaker in Boston, Ma, Livelyt solves your storage troubles. We help people find storage spaces quickly and at affordable prices. With Livelyt Boston by your side, you do not have to worry about storing your items safely in Boston, Ma. 

Livelyt is your Self-Storage Solution in Boston, Ma

Storage plays an important role in Boston, Ma. With many new students and working professionals arriving every year, storage facilities are in full demand. Livelyt Boston provides an easy solution with peer-to-peer storage facilities. It is the system where the space owners rent out the vacant spaces from their homes or offices. This can be utilized by others for storage purposes. 

Whether you are looking for storage in Massachusetts Ave or McGrath Hwy or West Roxbury, it is very simple to look for storage spaces in Livelyt Boston. Just log on to Livelyt from your computer or on the mobile app. You will see a search bar. Simply enter the zip code of the location or type the name of the area you want. 

You will see a map of your typed location with several options of storage spaces near Boston, Ma. You can click on any of the storage spaces to see more information on the same. You will find the dimensions, exact pin, and any other additional features of the storage space. If you like any of it, you can instantly reserve the place and contact the owner via Livelyt. 

These available storage spaces are verified by Livelyt. You will not see a storage space without the verification process. You can be assured about the safety of your stuff. Some of the common storage spaces that are available in Boston, Ma, are basements, walk-in-closets, bedrooms, extra rooms, attics, backyards, outhouses to name a few. 

Apart from providing verified storage spaces, Livelyt Boston spaces are pocket-friendly and convenient to suit your needs. Livelyt makes it very easy for you to search and move your items to a secure self-storage unit near Boston, Ma. 

Self-Storage Costs in Boston, Ma

For those looking for self-storage, Boston, Ma, can offer traditional public storage spaces. These are the large warehouses or large buildings that offer storage spaces to individuals for storing stuff in Boston, Ma. Although this may come as the first option, the costs are higher compared to Livelyt spaces. The distance, price, and location of the self-storage facilities may not be convenient too.

On average, the self-storage unit sizes are 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, 10x15, and above 10x20. These dimensions are available both in traditional public storage facilities and Livelyt facilities. The rental fee of a 5x5 storage unit is $61 a month while a 10x10 storage unit is $162 for a month in public storage. Let us consider the example of 5x10 for price comparison purposes. 

The storage rental fee for 5x10 in a traditional Boston, Ma, self-storage company can be approximately $140 per month. The price for the same at Livelyt Boston facilities can be just around $60 per month. The price of a storage unit measuring 20 x 15 x 1 with Livelyt is only $60 a month. Plus you have the added advantage of choosing storage units according to your storage needs. Find storage by choosing storage units ranging from bedroom sets, boat storage, climate-controlled, basement, walk-in closet, parking space for your vehicle, etc. Livelyt spaces are often very cheap and hence easily fit your monthly budget. It is the best deal you can get compared to all the other storage facilities in Boston, Ma.

Access to your storage unit can be arranged by personally communicating with the hosts although the hosts do mention the frequency of access in their listing. The distance, price, and access to your storage unit will no longer be a hassle if you choose to store with Livelyt Boston as you could find storage space closest to your home. 

So what are you waiting for? Log on to our website and make a reservation! You might not even need to call for a truck to move your things!

Why Livelyt is best for Self-Storage in Boston, Ma?

Livelyt is your easiest way to find a suitable self-storage unit in the Boston area. Also, we guarantee you the best of our services through - 


The safety of your possessions is of utmost importance to us. We know this is your high priority as well. Each of our spaces is carefully verified and thoroughly checked to ensure the safety of your belongings. The gate access to the self-storage unit will only be available to you once you have stored your possessions at our locations.  

Affordable Pricing

We aim to provide self-storage units that fit your budget. Livelyt spaces are pocket-friendly prices. We provide the best prices that are way cheaper than the conventional self-storage units. We also offer discounts for long-term storage. 

Insurance Coverage

We have got you covered. We always want to protect your belongings under any circumstances. When you store your possessions at any Livelyt spaces, your belongings will have insurance coverage of $25000.

Online Booking

We want to reduce the time for finding storage space. With the ease of Livelyt’s online booking, you can search for a suitable storage space nearby. Visit our website, make a quick reservation and contact the owner.  

Free Cancellation

You may sometimes have to change your mind about not storing your possessions elsewhere or under unavoidable circumstances, you may have to cancel your reservation. We understand and are prepared for such unforeseen situations. Livelyt refunds your entire fee even for the cancellations done at the last moment.

24x7 Customer Service

We are always ready to help you. Our 24x7 customer service is available to you whenever you have any questions for us. In case you have difficulties in moving your items, we are happy to offer you suggestions. We are open to receive your comments and suggestions on our services as well. You can reach out to us via a phone call or email us at any point in time.

Self-Storage is Hassle-Free with Livelyt

Livelyt solves every single problem of finding a suitable storage facility in Boston, Ma. You will never have to worry about safeguarding your possessions for the lack of space. Be it, distance, safety, or budget, Livelyt Boston provides storage facilities that are right in every aspect of your requirement. 

If you ever thought you had to spend a lot of time roaming around the city, to search for a storage location, Livelyt brings the quickest solution for you. With Livelyt, you will know all the details of the storage facilities with just a tap of a finger. You will save time and also quickly move your possessions as soon as you finalize a suitable storage facility in Boston, Ma. 

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